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BodyMap (2015)

Just as world maps and atlases are made from the globe, studio.POC's scanner makes maps of bodies. A camera rotates 360° around the model like a satellite, taking a picture every 5°. Software specially designed for this installation puts the photos together in a pattern, creating a map, a flat image of the body.
The viewer is confronted with the impossibility of portraying reality. Proportions are distorted and affect the perception of the scanned body. The problem of truthfully representing the entire body in a single image gives it a form of monstrosity. Like a world map, a scan of Bodymap is a failed attempt to represent a three-dimensional subject two-dimensionally.

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EGG (2014)


The theatrical-literary installation EGG focuses on the overload of stimuli in our environment and offers a resting point in the midst of the chaos, a low-stimulus alternative. Visitors take a seat in a soundproof vacuum and are carried away in a film of words. Small details that drown in the daily bombardment of impressions suddenly become perceptible.
Concept and design: Kristof Timmerman | text: Saskia De Coster | voice: Peter Gorissen, Valérie Vertenten | recording and soundscape: Niko Hafkenscheid
Production: studio.POC and kc nOna with the cooperation of Technum-Tractebel Engineering and the NMBS.

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