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studio.POC in European expert panel Voices of Culture

studio.POC, in collaboration with MAXlab, has been selected to participate in Voices of Culture, a dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector. Together with 34 other experts, we will develop guidelines for collecting and managing data on existing and new digital audiences. These guidelines can serve as a source of inspiration for cultural organizations and help them adapt to the ever-changing digital environment. Ine Vanoeveren will represent us at the first brainstorming session in 2 weeks.

"Over the past 18 months, I have noticed that technology in arts is especially being used as a tool to overcome remote situations, rather than as an opportunity to develop and convey autonomous artistic aesthetics to explore new (hybrid) performance formats.

I am eager to discuss together with like-minded artists/researchers the different possibilities to engage audiences in dynamic and interactive digital performances, expanding the boarders of our artistic experiences towards augmented and hybrid formats of the future." - Ine Vanoeveren


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