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DISSOLUTION responds to the issues of tomorrow: digital waste and the invisible impact of our digital footprint. The digital arts collective studio.POC and graphic design company Studio Plankton are joining forces to raise awareness of these issues through a series of hybrid digital performances. They will explore far-reaching applications of Corda Campus‘ unique private 5G network in Flanders and translate them into an artistic experience.

Our life in the cloud seems less bound by restrictions than the finite life in which we are dependent on our own bodies, living conditions, decisions of others, etc.
But what are the consequences of these virtual excesses? What digital traces do we leave behind? Countless amounts of storage space are taken up by zombie profiles and inactive virtual rooms. The mass of virtual space clutter is almost as incomprehensible as the (un)boundlessness of the universe itself.


studio.POC, in collaboration with Studio Plankton and Corda Campus, has been granted funding for an Innovative Partnership Project by the Flemish government. This call allows various cultural organizations to enter into collaborations with organizations from other sectors. Partner projects often open closed doors for the cultural sector to other sectors and provide the means and time to explore new topics and questions.

On this page, we will keep you updated about the progress, brainstorms, think tank sessions, try outs and final performance of this exciting IPP collaboration. The project will run until december 2024.

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