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Workshop AR for JEF festival

What do atoms look like? How do they relate to each other and to our environment? Can we develop alien atoms and make them roam?

Build your own 'digital atoms' with studio.POC and bring them to life with AR or augmented reality! We will distribute all these objects through space using QR codes, after which your parents, family and friends can go on an atom hunt. You can take your digital atom home with you after the master class. Your own Pokémon Go with atoms, in other words.

studio.POC creates performances and installations in which art and technology play a crucial role. The creative process starts from an artistic idea or a technological research. The results are often multimedia performances that break with the traditional theater set-up and try to give the spectator an extraordinary experience. Annelise Cerchedean is an Antwerp-based graphic designer with a focus on print and multimedia techniques, on the confrontation between the material and the digital. She studied Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts where she is currently pursuing an educational master.


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